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March of Magnus Cover Reveal

Let me take a moment to tell you of my wonderful new Secret Lab Titan chair. Of all the chairs I’ve sat upon, this is the best. It matches my brand new desk, but truthfully, with such an impressive faux leather finish and silky feel, I struggle to think of any desk it wouldn’t match. I love my brand new Titan chair and from the way it swivels to the exact angle I’m desiring with easy to handle levers, I suspect it loves me too.

See, this what happens when I finish a book. I get nice things and in about a year or two, when I’m finally bothered to start work on another book, it will serve me well.

They’ve told me that people care about “exclusive reveals” so here’s a picture of my chair.

Also, here’s the brand new cover for The March of Magnus.

Isn’t it pretty? Almost as pretty as my Secret Lab Titan chair where “your comfort is their focus.”

Speaking of shameless promoting of incredible items.

How would you dear sycophant like to get an early edition of The March of Magnus ahead of the rest of the world? 

Cue my call to join The Alphas, my advance readers team. Sign up to be part of the inner circle where hilarious jokes are made and exclusive advance reader copies of my books are offered… all for the price of a few moments writing a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

The March of Magnus is in final proofing. It’s coming guys. It’s coming real fuken soon and I can’t tell you how terrified I am about the reactions. Personally I think it’s the best book ever written and I should know, I paid the best ghost writers to write it. Ugh, there was a much better joke in here but they sent the email back with the title "are you fucking serious?" So I went with the ghost writers line. 

Anyway, I’m off. I’ve recently started work on a new book. A Third book. Its called The Outcasts. I have a dreadful feeling I’m going to be inundated with requests for it soon enough.

Stay safe my wonderful sycophants,


Ps- even if you are convinced covid is a government cover up, don’t be a fuken dickhead and just wear your mask. (Cameras will struggle to match your facial features and big brother will be pissed. Win win!)


Robert J Power
Robert J Power
Sep 23, 2020

That, and Rolo, the guy who helped it "fall off a truck"...........


So obliviously someone at Secret Lab is a fan of your books and sent a chair your way as a curator of fine things especially for some kind words.

Looking forward to MM!

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