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News, Robocop, and field mice

Greetings from my cage,

my wonderful sycophants who have made me stop what I was doing to write this fuken message!!!!

I was on holiday.

In other words catching up on ten years of gaming.

Ten years.

Fuk me. It's only hitting me now.

Ten years since I’ve started this series. Ten fuken years since I tried my hand at writing. Never having a clue what I was doing. Just going for it. Still haven’t a clue. The AI program I used the last decade was very good though. It runs on field mice in a wheel so its fairly slow but it gets the job done.

I’ll tell you what’s also done.

Fuken Spark. That’s what!!! (They wanted me to remind you guys that might have missed it)

Well, its almost ready.

Just some editor’s slashing to contend with.

But my parts are done.

Only a few more months and then it's out.

And The Spark City Cycle is fuken complete!!!!!!

It's been a road. With many ups and downs.

Mostly downs at the start.

And incredible highs after that.

Thanks to you mad fuks who bought the pieces of art and told everyone.

Keep doing that. It helps me make money. Money helps me buy more games so I don’t have to do much writing.

I’m sure this will come as no surprise but they gave me no notes for this update.

They ruined my holiday with a suggestion that I build anticipation for the coming release and left me to my imagination. I tried to argue that my imagination was on holiday. Quite eloquently too. They didn’t appreciate my language involved. Reading back, yeah, sorry guys. I didn’t mean that part about the barbed sabre.

Desperately, I asked them had they actually read the manuscript yet?

“Cos its kind of shit,” I confessed.

They didn’t seemed too worried. Even when I told them that I filled out the pages towards the end by nattering on about a few stew recipes. Again, they didn’t mind. They seemed to like the recipes in fact. They are good recipes, I suppose. “Broiled Troll Stew” is a favourite dish of mine. Although it can be a little salty.

I’m so tired. I really want to be back playing Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts right now. I wonder how many of you have just googled that corker. It's fantastic. Go now and buy it. If there’s a rush, maybe they’ll do a remake on it. Maybe some AI program will do it for me. That would be fuken awesome. No more books written by Rob at all then. More uses for AI, so.

(Fuk AI, and any writer who openly uses it. And those sneaky fuks who use it even though they say they aren’t using it. Super fuk AI to them.)

I have nothing new to tell you guys except I think we are launching some new merchandise soon. All joking aside, it's pretty wild seeing Spark merchandise. It's so cool. I think they’ve some more designing to do but we are nearly there. No AI used or anything. So artists will get paid, which is cool.

Thinking about it. They haven’t given me any free samples yet. I really hope they give me some. I should probably ask about that. All I want is a Hunt Mug. Not just because it's awesome looking, but because my wife is pissed at me for the ridiculous amount of mugs I already own and how I sneak new ones into the mug press when she’s not around. Admittedly, it's not natural. I’m a freak and I totally get that. I use them all, by the way. None of your stupid keep them in the limited edition box. Screw that. They must be released and used. My current mug is Robocup!!!! It's so great. It's Robocop but in mug form. I probably didn’t need to explain this. I’ll take a photo. It's very important you guys see it. Cant even remember where I bought it but it was cheap enough. Check it out online. I love that I’m promoting different merchandise to my own. Come on, it's Robocup!!!!

I just tried to find it and it's gone missing. I’m very suspicious.

Oh, I think it's return to Banjo, and my holiday.

And trying not to think of the next project that’s creeping into my mind.

Look after yourselves and each other.

The Rob


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