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2020 - The Year of Magnus

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, hope Santa delivers wonderful gifts, or whatever, wait, what? I’ve missed the deadline for seasonal greetings? Well, that’s not like me to be late on deadlines at all! Too soon to jest? Oh, I hear you say “There’s nothing “soon” about what you do Rob, and now we are three lines in on a bullshit update that we’ve no interest in reading.” You might be right, this message goes downhill from here, at some point I quote Duke Nukem. You have been warned.

Right, I’ve to give you updates. 

First off, March of Magnus is ticking along. I’m still only about a third way through but I was sick for a few weeks and couldn’t work on it and the work I did was just me writing as I hallucinated. Freaky stuff altogether. Anyway, nothing like lying in bed, gasping for air for a few weeks to recharge the batteries. (It’s only now I truly understand the shit Erroh went through walking through the snow). I’m pretty much recovered now, and the last few days I’ve been making some brilliant progress.


I think I’m allowed to announce that the wonderful people at Podium Publishers have acquired the audio rights to The Spark City Cycle so I think all of you would be mad not to go out and purchase the audio book when it's released in 2020.  As soon as I have a date, I’ll pass it on. I can’t name the narrator selected just yet, but I can say he’s freaking amazing and I’m humbled and it will be awesome and you should buy a ton of copies for your friends. Podium will have an official announcement soon, but I wanted you wonderful people to know first.

Right, it is new years and I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you. I have to be careful I don’t start crying here all over my brand new desk thinking of the incredible support I have received this year from you all. I work in a dusty room and I grow onions in here. Every message you guys have sent has meant the world to me, every fiercely critical email about writing quicker has been noted, every review has been cherished. Though it sucks that you haven’t walked in to a finished cycle, you have walked in at the ground floor to something I believe can be rather special. I’m just a kitten at this writing game, but you guys have made me a better kitten. This time last year I was fighting for my life to keep going, and in one fell swoop you all landed and drove me onwards. (Fuken onions.) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And yes, to those burgeoning Dellerin fans, you are damn right Erin’s story will continue (it’s big) and yes; I have great plans for those idiots in the Crimson Hunters and a few interesting things in between. In the meantime, have you read Spark City? I hear it's rather good. And the author? Gorgeous he is.

Right, foreshadowed Duke Nukem quote joke “Get back to work you slacker!” Also, Happy New Year!

- Rob

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some guy
some guy
Jan 24, 2020

where do i pre-pay?

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