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Airships! Demons! Magic! The Crimson Hunters are here!

Greetings from my cage, my wonderful sycophants.

They’ve given me no bullet points or instructions for this post so things are about to get a little weird.



Happy new release book day!!! Look at this beast. Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love climbing into the Four Factions with Erroh and his band of Outcasts but fuk me, I adore writing the Crimson Hunters and bringing forth the world of Dellerin that little bit more. There I’ve said it. It’s out there. I feel dirty. The good type of dirty. The “I just blended a donut and a lasagna into a smoothie and added green food colouring to make it healthy looking” kind of dirty.

Sorry, they did suggest I be enthusiastic and well….it is launch day, so naturally I've been drinking.

What am I drinking?

A lot apparently.

I’ve shaken things up this launch. I’m drinking Knappogue Castle whiskey today. A fine brew from Kilkenny. Sorry Jack Single Barrel, we’ll always have March of Magnus but I just need to try new things. I hope we can be friends.

Where was I? Some shit about me trolling you with information that isn’t Spark City. So this is really just a typical mail.

*Takes a moment for the screen to come back into focus.*

Anyway, the world of Dellerin is growing. I have great plans for this world. Crimson is another first step in this journey. If you haven’t bought it already…well… now you can. Right here. What an upsell.

Also, review it after.



Okay, that is true, but still, I felt dirty writing that part. Not the good type of dirty. The “ugh I don’t like the way that guy is leering at that advert for kitty litter... and what’s he doing with his hand?” kind of dirty.

Why do they let me write these posts unobserved and without a map? Holy fuk nuggets on a bull mastiff!!! I’ve just had a wonderful epiphany. Because it's launch day, there’s only so many edits they can make before it goes out. Oh, this could be glorious...

I’m so tempted to go on a tirade about squirrels in the rain for about five hundred words, which isn’t a great deal, but according to those who edit my content, five hundred words for any email is too much. And about three hundred more than needed for a dissertation on squirrels in the rain. Have you ever just put those few words together? Squirrels in the rain. Perfect. I’m at five hundred and sixty words in this email right now… probably a lot less after the edits....

Anyway... don’t be a prick. Buy my new book.

Well, that’s an interesting up sell.

Again, it’s what every author is thinking pretty much most of the time.

*Waits for keyboard to stop dancing around.*

What else?

Oh yes, the gems at Podium are currently working on The Crimson Hunters audio release but I have little information to tell you on that… because… well… I’ve forgotten. It's been a busy week. I’m launching a book. Regardless of what I may or may not remember, I can certainly guarantee that it’ll be amazing. They always do a cracking job.

Lastly I’ve given up on writing the Outcasts for this year.

I need to find inspiration.

Besides, the future is Dellerin.

Deal with it.

Ha! Aw you guys know I’ll never leave my first love.

It's coming along nicely and like Magnus, it's another monster.

For those of you asking, the Spark City Cycle is a four book collection. Four books and then we are done. Finished. Complete. (Until the TV show.) It’s a strange thing to be past the halfway point and driving towards the end. Crimson was a wonderful few months in between March of Magnus edits to just clear my head and recharge me but Spark 3 - The Outcasts is coming.

Right, I’m off to have a crisp sandwich.

Stay safe.



I hate being put on hold ! but here i am waiting for an Irishman as waky as I am to catch up too himself . I NEED MORE SPARKS AND HUNTERS NOW THAT I'M HOOKED ! A new fan !! lol


So, I kindly ask you to read all the way through, before telling me to FUK off.

Normally, when I read a series of books, it irritates the absolute SHIT out of me, when the author takes a hiatus into a new and different series, JUST WHEN, the original series is starting to get really good. I could give countless examples (although it bothers me a LOT more when an author just stops writing at all....a la Northfuss or Scott Lynch, but I digress).

When I first began Spark City, I felt like I needed to push myself to get through it, but then, low and behold, the characters started to resonate, the story started to shape, and before …

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