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Battling Gnomes in The Wastes

Greetings from my cage.

Except, I’m still not back in my cage.

I’m still on holiday.

Yeah, Yeah, I can hear the frustration from here. “What the fuk, rob???? Where’s book 4?????”

HEY!!! It took a lot out of me to get The Outcasts done. It’s a long book….. Actions of Gods will probably be longer….ugh….. and as we know well, I'm shit with deadlines.

Right, you guys have been amazing.

Just truly wonderful.

Thank you for the incredible support throughout this awful trauma of releasing the book. The pain and terror was lessened somewhat, thanks to those lovely emails, reviews, comments… and whispered demands for book 4 (Bastards!).

I’ll be sure to let you all know when I’ve really dug in to the Spark City world once more. For now, I’m currently working through Fable 3 and loving it. Its still a cracker of a game but genuinely, I think 2 was better. Lets hope I finish Spark City Cycle before the new Fable is released. Its going to be awesome. Its set in the old kingdom. I’m sure this matters to you folks.

So anyway, after another month wasted playing xbox instead of squirming around the four factions desperately trying to piece together whatever the fuk I did with book 3’s events and working them into some sort of coherent ending. I though I’d send you guys a post. Truthfully, they ordered me to. I was happy running around Albion having a blast shooting gnomes. That’s the world I want to live in.

So, I don’t actually have much to share apart from the unfortunate news that there is a slight delay on The Outcasts audiobook’s release.

Clears throat.

(If you read this next part without taking a pause it’ll be much easier a read.)

I wish to take this moment and say I had nothing to do with this tragedy. It is pure speculation that I refused to allow those gems at Podium Audio a copy of my transcript because I was convinced I could do a better job narrating it myself. And that I didn’t delay everything by holding up in my shack for two months recording each chapter on my IPhone and sending them on in our group chat. The rumour that I inadvertently sent them the manuscript this way is entirely unfounded and I resent the implications that I'm an idiot. Regardless, you’ll have to do with the second best version of the book when it launches. I’ve heard it’s sounding pretty good despite the lack of Rob on record.

The Outcasts, Book 3 in the Spark City Cycle, will release on Audiobook on the 8th February 2022, and is available to pre-order now.

Right, I just heard a gnome threatening to “slowly slowly crush my doggie” so I’m going back to my holiday.

Take care.

Rob and Zim Zam.

Ps, Gnomes aren’t a euphemism for something else.

But they should be.


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