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Bye 2018!

Got to say, I’m sad to see 2018 go. It was a great year for me.

I released my long awaited Epic Fantasy SPARK CITY which has made regular appearances in the Best Sellers Chart on Amazon ever since.

I also wrote and released a humour book, THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIES, which stayed at #1 in the humour bestseller charts for November and December.

Knowing that my books have sold in America, Canada, Australia and more still boggles my mind.

I received my first ever award nominations (fingers crossed).

I debuted at my first ever convention with Octocon, the national Irish sci-fi convention this October, closely followed by my appearance at Dublin Games Fest 2018 in the RDS in November. Getting to speak to fans face to face for the first time was one of my life highlights.

Depaor Press released their first range of Greetings Cards which have gone down a treat at the Cons this year.

I was awarded the Artist Exemption in Ireland (which, as any writer making a career in this industry will know, is a godsend!).

Oh yeah, as if that wasn’t amazing enough I also married my soul mate and coop buddy for life, Jan. Without her support, none of the above would have been possible.

So I am sad to see 2018 go, it was incredibly kind to me. But I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store! Big plans coming.



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