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Greetings from my cage - Updates and New Books

Greetings my awesome sycophants, who here thinks I’m great? Anyone?

“But Rob, you are off doing your Dellerin shit and we just want March of Magnus,” I hear you shout, and… well… you might hate this update. I have a fantastic new novella out…. set in the Dellerin series. It's called The Crimson Hunters vol 1. Go buy it and then tell me I’m great, or not. Whatever.

Anyway, you needn’t have read The Seven to enjoy this light-hearted book, but if you are going to read it, I would recommend you read the Seven first because then I’ll make more money.

If the Seven is perceived to be dark, The Crimson Hunters is the polar opposite. I had an absolute blast writing it and I just cannot wait for the world to meet these hapless heroes. They have told me to subtly drop in that you should imagine Guardians of the Galaxy in Westeros. So there it is.

THE CRIMSON IS A NOVELLA, (as I said) and there is a sequel called The Crimson Hunted (clever eh?). It was supposed to come out far later this year but fuk it, it's done, it's sitting there, and for the first time with management, I got my way. It's out tomorrow. Buy it too.

Wow, it just dawned on me I could have started this post with the line “SEQUEL RELEASE DATE” and everyone would have had conniptions. Instead, I went with the sycophants joke. My click bait game is well off.

Right to matters of the Spark.

It’s going slower than I’d like. Nothing serious, I wrote the last draft 5 years ago and I’d like to think I’ve improved as a writer since then. In layman's terms, I suppose what I am doing is not just a simple hd remaster. It’s more a full remake on many lines and the further I’ve dug in, the more I’ve discovered this. Some days are wonderful, others are difficult, but every day I work and rework through thousands of words. This is my absolute priority. Have heart my friends, since Spark City launched a year and a half ago, I’ve written, edited, rewritten, re-edited, and released 4 books. Keep that in mind when lamenting my apparent idleness. I love Spark City, and I’m loving writing March of Magnus. I’ve always had potential release dates in my head but fuk it, you’d be surprised how distracting a ticking clock can be. As if the tremendous pressure I’ve put on myself trying to get this right for you all wasn’t enough already? I would imagine I’ve another few months ahead of grinding. Months. Not Grrm or Rothfuss months by the way. (All hail my heroes.) So with edits and reedits, it’ll be later than I expected. When it's ready, I promise I will make this the best frigging sequel the world has ever seen. (Apart from the Crimson Hunted, of course.)

Right, that’s it. Take care, guys.


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