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I've stopped writing The March of Magnus...

Greetings from my cage.

An update for you all.

I stopped writing The March of Magnus last night. 

I stopped writing because I just couldn’t write another page. 

Good thing I didn’t need to. 

All the best, 





Right, I’ve had my fun. 

I cannot express from the bottom of my heart, just how fuken hungover I am right now. I even sent out a tweet last night. Then I hooked up my PlayStation for the first time in months. Then I ate nachos. Then I ran to check the computer to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. 



The March of Magnus, Spark City's long awaited sequel, is fuken finished. 

The Fuken End TYPED IN BOLD.  

Listen, there’s not much more info to come so you dnf guys can head off now with the information while I go on about how hungover I feel. I won’t be funny today. Typing right now is so much pain. I drank like Emir during Puk.

Anyway, after I checked to make certain I’d not dreamed it I also hooked up my Xbox One….and my Xbox 360. I ended up playing a few games on my 3DS while I waited for updates. Have any of you guys tried updating multiple games consoles during a pandemic? In Ireland? Outside of Dublin? Well, it’s the morning after, they're all still updating. 

So I figured I’d let you wonderful people know the good news.

I have other updates to come (Dellerin fans will be happy) but for now, The March of Magnus is heading off to the editors. And soon I'll have an official release date for you all. Anyone have a favourite month? I’ve always liked September, myself. Usually, I try and do awesome things in September. Especially if you are on my Alpha list. October is cool as well. Also, I love missing deadlines so who knows...

I’m off to sleep. Maybe seek out some day old nachos. Share them with my dogs. 

Take care my wonderful lunatics, stay safe, stay healthy, buy multiple copies of my books and tell everybody why you did. 

May this post bring you a smile at the right moment. 


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Robert J Power
Robert J Power
24 de jul. de 2020

The Audiobook of Magnus will come out soon after the eBook, I'll keep you updated once I get dates!


When do we think Audible will be getting The March of Magnus available for reading or preorder?

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