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I wrote a new book.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Its not the Outcasts.

I’m very sorry.

Sort of.

Would you feel better if I told you The Outcasts was going wonderfully? How would 400 pages into it sound? And I’ve only killed off three main characters so far. Don’t worry, that’ll change.

Those only interested in The Outcast Updates should feck off now. I’m going to ramble for a bit.

Now, about this new book. I’ve a few words to share first. I’ve shared them before but my base has been getting bigger and bigger so I wanted to give the rest of you newer Outcasts a little insight into me as a writer. I’m deep like that. Look at me, in the shadowy corner all deep and authourish.

I am a river of pebble and stone...

Right, so most of you lunatics are here because of Spark. I get it!! You like Spark!! We all do!!

Except when I miss deadlines. Then fuk that book.

But, guess what, it really wasn’t like that always. When Spark City book one first released, it sold nothing at all. Really, nothing. So much nothing that I contemplated giving up writing. I didn’t want to, but bills needed to be paid, and the overwhelming horror of my wasted life’s decisions overtook me. But I persevered because I’m an idiot that likes to run at walls until they crack.

Anyway, with no one was buying my book, I formulated a plan.

A simple plan.

It didn’t work.

My plan was to etch out a life for myself with The Dellerin Tales instead. Though it killed me to, I dropped Spark City. I figured I’d have another go at writing something new. I created a new universe akin to Marvel collection set in middle earth. A load of stories all connected through different books. Because you know, after my first failed attempt, it was only natural to dive head first into something so colossal. Without giving too much away. I started my Marvel in middle earth with the equivalent of Avengers Infinity War.

Why? Because I’m an idiot.

I started with The Seven. The absolute opposite of Spark City. While Spark City is dark in places, this fuker is just the creepy monster hiding in the dark, eating liquorice. I fuken love it. And those who didn’t hate it for not being March of Magnus, loved it too.

The thing is, there were other stories connected to the Seven.

One of them is called The Crimson Hunters. It’s far closer to Spark City than the Seven. It’s a furious, fun filled adventure romp with mercenaries, magic and demons.

So, there I was, building my new world and something unexpected happened mid-plan.

Some of you fukers started reading Spark City. More than that, you started telling people about it.

Out of nowhere, my first love came back to life.

And Spark City is my first love.

So, I was knee deep into finishing the Dellerin books so I could afford to pay my phone bill, pay rent, save up for a laptop that could play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds when the abuse started. Oh, you beautiful fukers came at me sooooo hard. And I quote from any given day:

“When’s March of Magnus coming out?”

“What’s this shit? It’s not March of Magnus!”

“Look at this fuk, not writing the sequel!!!!”

“Fuk you Robert… when’s it out?”

“I know where you live… bitch.”

Good times. And I loved every one of the demands.

You guys were right!!!

Dellerin is not Spark. It’s something else entirely. And fuk me, its gonna be truly awesome when I finish phase one.

Oh, my god rob, get to the point!!!

Fair enough.

I didn’t do the Dellerin Tales justice. And it’s something which has bothered me all last year. The first Crimson Hunters collection was supposed to be three novellas. I abandoned writing book three because EVERYBODY wanted March of Magnus.

And you got it. And you all want Outcasts now.

And that’s cool.

I’m working on it.

Really fast.

But I digress.

A few months back, while March of Magnus was in review with my editors, I gave myself a few weeks off to game, to recharge. To just take a breath from the Four Factions. To escape the horrors of my laptop for a time. Obviously, Covid is still a dreadful thing and I couldn’t settle. Couldn’t relax. And I couldn’t move on to Outcasts until I’d finished off March of Magnus.

I think you might have deduced what I’m about to say.

Well, you are wrong.

It’s NOT a fan fiction release of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds starring your boi bob in the rabid fields of Erangel. (I would drop everything in the world to do that. So don’t tempt me.)

I’ve gone and finished book three of Crimson Hunters. But, more than that, me and my editors have gone back in and torn book 1 and 2 asunder. We’ve given it a full remake from the ground up.

The Crimson Hunters is now one glorious, full length epic novel which we will be releasing next month!

I'll update you more next email, but finally feel I’ve done it justice. Tragically, I’m not allowed to triple charge you fuks for it. Ugh. Nothing is ever perfect.

Anyway, I love you guys.

I’m going back to work.

Be safe.



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