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Magnus; now with surround sound...

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Greetings from my cage, my wonderful sycophants.

Look at me hitting my target of semi-scheduled emails like a fuken boss.

How was Christmas? Was it strange? Yeah, it felt strange. Did you guys do anything interesting? As usual, I just spend most nights running around the neighborhood dressed as Krampus shouting “I’m a thing, look it up on Wikipedia. Boo!!” I made nineteen children cry. A record. The old traditions really are the best. What else? Took a few days off. Played Gears of War 4 on my xbox base console… cos fuk you, Cyberpunk. In my notes, they’ve highlighted this as the first thing I’m supposed to tell you and it is quite important.

So, serious announcement....


The reaction to Spark City on audio book has been nothing short of incredible. Though that’s because it is nothing short of an incredible piece of literature with a nothing short of a brilliant performance by Euan. Seriously, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve got way too much of a man-crush on that gem of a human being. Anyway, as expected, he’s done an incredible job on my newest masterpiece (despite my best attempts to trip him up with as many tongue twisting sentences that I could.)

I cannot praise him enough.

He also has a wonderful smile and awesome hair.

Where was I?

Doesn’t matter. IT'S HERE! Look at it. It’s pretty. It sounds even prettier!!!

The amazing team at Podium have brought Magnus alive. Thank you so much guys.

So, now it’s 2021, here’s to hoping this year is a little easier than the last. Stay tuned over the next while for some interesting updates.

Maybe a wild Dellerin tale?

Or a sequel to the Little Book of Lies?

Perhaps even a prequel to the Seven? (Cos that’s the type of lighthearted literature the world needs right now....)

Or maybe just something about The Outcasts?

Okay, most of those are lies. Mostly.

When I’ve made significant progress, I’ll send a proper update on Outcasts. It is a monster of deliciousness but it is my belief that if you liked March of Magnus, you’ll really love it.

Anyway, despite 2020 being a right fuken nasty piece of shit, your support has been incredible. The reviews countering the negative shit has been wonderful and allowed other people to delve in and be part of the worlds of the Four Factions and Dellerin. Thank you so very much. My only way to repay will be digging in and working as hard as I can to get a certain book done as soon as possible.

That’s it. I’m getting back to work.

Be safe, friends.



Spark was so deliciously depressing and intense I just want to go to war. Well written, it grabs your emotions by the throat and drags them through a brick wall, now I need to look at some memes to recover. Looking forward to the next one


some guy
some guy
Jan 11, 2021

OK, I left you an Amazon review, and even attached some stars to it.

Good story. I'm sad because I finished it and now nothing else seems worth reading. I cry inside because the whole story will be picked up as a screenplay and you will end up sipping champagne in Monaco with what's-his-winter and never actually finish the written series.

Seriously. Damn. You are good.


Jan 10, 2021

I have finished the audiobook as of this morning. It was amazing and Euan was perfect. I gifted Spark City to my roommate afterwards, he needs to understand why i love your writing. I look forward to your next release.


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