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New Release Incoming!

And now begins my MANY MANY months of counter trolling as I hold a certain March of Magnus to ransom. Do you want it? Eh? Eh? Well, fuk ya, its not ready yet. It's still at the editor getting butchered. These wonderful things take time.

In the meantime, there is a brand new and just a little chilling grimdark audiobook released for you TODAY. You might have heard of it. It’s called The Seven: The Lost Tale Of Dellerin and because I wrote it, it is awesome but because the incredibly talented Matthew Wolf is narrating, it is something truly special. 

Matthew absolutely nailed Heygar’s Hounds and I cannot praise him enough (especially for his performance as The Rat). Keep an eye on my Facebook for some sneak peaks.

Now, they’ve told me to inform you wonderful sycophants that this audiobook is “fantasy horror” and much darker than the world of Spark City. Apparently this is important. Its underlined a few times on my notes here. Thinking back, my mother in law said she was scared reading it. In fact, from my hiding place in the bushes outside her kitchen window, it appeared she was absolutely terrified. This whole pandemic thing really has brought out the worst in me. At least it was social distanced stalking.  Might I suggest that, after you buy several copies of the audiobook, and before you press play, you take a quick look out your window for any authour-ish looking bushes. If you spot one up to no good, shout “Trebor, Trebor, Trebor” and I will be vanquished and returned to my domain….. I've just read back on that last paragraph and I may need to get back writing soon.

What else?

Nothing. I’m on holidays. In fact, I wrote this message a month ago. The morning after my last one. For all I know, March of Magnus could already be back and finished. Ahead of schedule, wouldn’t that be a rarity? I do wonder what the cover will be like. I’m pushing for unicorns. Just unicorns. And the name. Maybe a few flowers and a bloody sword or some shit.

Anyway, I’ve rambled about nothing for way too long.

Look after yourselves guys, stop licking other people’s eyeballs. It's not actually as pleasurable as I’ve made out. And obviously don’t eat them either. That’s just fuken irresponsible.

Stay safe


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Jul 24, 2020

Good afternoon Robert. Thanks for your email. I will definitely pick up the audo will be my first. Something to hold me off until Magnus comes out!!!!!

Your devoted fan.

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