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Robert J Power, where have you been?

Greetings from my cage.

Yes, its been a while. A blissful few months where I didn’t have to write to you wonderful alluring sycophants.

How is everyone?

I’m pretty good.

I lasted 5 sentences before lying to you. That’s a new record.

I’m not good. I’m exhausted. So, very very tired. Knee deep in the horrors of war in the Four Factions. Blood and gore and horror and more. Some emotional shit too. The usual exhausting stuff to write.

“Rob, you haven’t been around clogging up our email stream, it has been rather nice actually,” I hear you say and I agree. Who cares what a rambling author has to say unless he’s announcing a release date…. Which I’m not.

Anyway, I can happily say I am beyond the half way mark of Actions of Gods. Beyond that, I will say no more suffice to say I am tired, I have written loads and I need a holiday. Oh, to have a week away from this world and this cage. Just to go frolicking in fields of marigold and buttercups for a couple days. To sit down and play my new Steam Deck which just arrived.

That’s right, I got my Steam Deck. After a 12 month long pre-order wait. And its all I’ve ever wanted in my gaming life. (Apart from Spark City open world RPG of course)

But I can’t play the Steam Deck yet. It just fuken stays there in its case as my steam catalogue gets bigger and bigger and I can’t play it.


Until I finish Spark 4.

Fuk you all, that’s commitment!!

So trust me when I say I want this fuken thing finished and released just as much as you guys. I mean, I can play gta 5 on my Steam Deck. GTA 5!!!!!!!

My mouth is watering with anticipation. Thing is I know once I start playing I think my career in writing is probably done for a while. I have a decade of cracking games to catch up on. And now I can, all from the comfort of my bathroom.


Those very few who have had access to my progress have already begun to plan beyond the completion of the series. No pat on the back. No “hey, well done, it’s coming along well.” No praise for a job getting done well at all.


Instead all I get is a little note right here - telling me to inform you all that Crimson Hunters is currently on offer, and for Spark fans to jump aboard before that becomes my primary series. And considering how large Dellerin might become, and Spark so near completion, why not jump on board and have that book waiting in the wings for after Actions of Gods or perhaps something to read in-between.

“But Rob, you never like us buying your books on offer?”

That’s true.

But Rob, you talk of all things Dellerin all of a sudden, but surely, between just the two of us, you wont be completely done with Spark the world right? I mean, it’s a pretty big world. Lots of characters. You wouldn’t kill them all off right? There’s still room for a standalone Emir book right?..........Right???????

I hear your thoughts and you worries, and trust me when I say, ten years ago I had a simple plan for Spark City to be a four book series and that has not changed.

All things must end.

But it’ll be good.

It could be my best book.

It’ll be no damp squid of a finale just piecing together things and hobbling to an unsatisfying end where a wall falls down on Erroh when he could have just shuffled a few steps left and been fine.

Aw, no.

Fuk that.

When Netflix inevitably come calling they are going to wish I’d thought about the budget required.


Super big.

With that, I shall disengage, think about a holiday for another two glorious minutes, stare at my Steam Deck for three further minutes and then climb back into Spark. If memory serves I’m writing a chapter where Aurora is doing something disturbing.

They are always my favourite.

Thank you all for your patience. Some of you have been here from the first day. We are nearly there.

Take care of yourselves

And each other.


Aka Zim Zam.


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