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The end of Spark City is coming

Greetings from my cage.

I’m beginning to feel the gentle tapping on my shoulder of your collective demands for the final book in the Spark City cycle.

I hear you. I fuken hear you. There are people fighting your fight nearer to home.

The latest, is my mother in law Jean. Hi Jean! Anyway, like any good fan (who will get the best out of any of my books,) she has read through the Spark City Cycle at least twice now. She went away on holidays and came back hoping to get an early draft of book 4. Oh, how I laughed so hard when I told her the actual progress I’ve made.

Anyway, I can safely say I have little to no update on Actions of Gods. It is getting written. Much the same way that any author who is writing a book is getting it written. You’ve got to look closer to see how much though. For me- ah, I’m so so. I’m around a third of the way through it. I think. Then again, I could be halfway. Or not. I don’t know. That’s how I write. I never have a clue what I’m doing… and then it gets done and I’m like “How the fuk did that happen?” “Who’s this character? Why did they kill everyone?”

An actual official update is… I’m not coming close to hitting any deadlines, but on the other hand, I never actually hit deadlines. I am having great fun fuking with Erroh and co though. Especially co. Oh, it’ll be an interesting read.

And an even better listen.

Speaking of, have you listened through the Spark City audio book series?

You really should. It would make my publishers very happy. Me too. I like money. It allows me to buy shiny things.

Anyway, the Outcasts has launched on Audio Book and I think we can safely say it is freaking awesome. Euan has done another fabulous job bringing my world to life.

And sure while you are at it, have you considered The Dellerin Series to distract you while you wait for Spark to finish up?

Oh, I think you should, I’ve heard they’re the best fantasy book series ever and the author is a right little snugglewump.

Anyway, I missed last months mail, I’m not going to lie. I was too busy writing. Here’s to the next few months being just as productive.

Also, I forgot February is a shit short month, and it was March before I was even ready. Time moves differently in my cage. They took away one of my cushions for missing that month. It's fine, I’d spilled soup on it anyway.

Oh, yeah, again, I’m usually pretty good at responding to my private messages and I absolutely will respond to you wonderful people who have taken a moment to message me, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and get through them.

An unusually serious thought for a moment about writing.

I’m only discovering now what a strange thing it is to be finishing a series. To be saying goodbye to a world that’s been in my head for almost a decade. Its only in the last few chapters I’ve gotten through, where its struck me hard “Holy shit, this is the Spark City Cycle finishing.” And yes, I’m very much aware of the terrible pressure to get it right. Make it satisfactory for all who’ve traveled this road with me. Not do a Game of thrones series finale on it as they say. I know a few of you have written with a delicate threat in your words on these matters and honestly, I just love that you guys love the world as I do and care as I do for these characters.

I’ll do my best.

And there will be blood.

Loads of blood. So much blood.

Gushing out all over the page.

Like a game of thrones series finale.

Right, buy my books, leave loads of reviews, they really help me write quicker.

Stay safe everyone.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Zim Zam

Aka Rob


Sara Pendlebury
Sara Pendlebury
Aug 06, 2022


should I read The Severn before The Crimson Hunters?

Robert J Power
Robert J Power
Aug 29, 2022
Replying to

Hi Sara, I'd suggest reading The Seven first. They can be read in either order but you'll get a lot more from The Crimson Hunters if you start with The Seven.

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