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The Fighting Mongoose - now with surround sound

Note: This blog update was for June. But I'm an idiot so didn't post it. Also I was on holidays. And distracted by sandwiches.

Greetings from my cage.

I’m so tired.

So very, very tired.

Typing makes it worse.

Thinking, doubly so.

Actually, I’m not in my cage. They’ve given me a little time out for good behaviour. I’m still tired though. Did I mention that?

Right, some of you already know (those who endure my ramblings on a monthly basis.)

Let me once more announce, that I, el Bob of the book finishers, have finished the Outcasts. It’s in edits now and heading to you all very soon. I shall have a release date next month. Look at me rocking your world like a rock type thing. Making you recheck last month’s email and all. You can pre-order your copy right here so I can know my worth before launch.

So fuken tired.

That introduction took so much out of me. I’m on holiday right now. I promised my wonderful self a couple months off to recharge after the marathon, so getting through this email is like sand in a sandwich…. I’ve only just realised that “sand” and “wich” make that delicious word. I’m not sure what that means but in my semi coherent state, it seems very important.

Anyway, I might be free of my cage but those wonderful folks at Podium Audio never stop working.



Listen to the sample here and check out this awesome shit!

And if you've already bought The Crimson Hunters on Kindle, you can get it on Audio even cheaper using Whispersync for Voice.


Genuinely enough, there’s not much else. I cannot stress how tired I am at this moment.

Might also be a hangover too.


Embracing the stereotype.

It's also been a bit sunny. I can’t take that shit. Give me the rain any day of the season.



Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here. I took a break from writing the email to think up something interesting to say and my wife just appeared like a ninja shark into the kitchen and said if I finish up now and stop stressing about it, then I would get some sweets (This is not a euphemism). From the top press (THE TOP PRESS!!!!) she just produced a packet of retro jellies and lollipops and put on some pop corn. She told me to go watch Kong vs Godzilla.

I love you all.

Write some reviews or something or whatever.

Stay fuken safe.

Take care.


Aka Zim zam

Ps, Sandwich…?

Not sure there’s much to this at all.

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Mary Hitt
Mary Hitt
Oct 15, 2021

I read

Outcast now

I am ready for the next!

When will it be out?

I do not have long to live and

I would like to finish the series!!!

Thank you




I like whiskey and sauerkraut.

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