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The Outcasts is out NOW!

Greetings from my cage.

It’s here!!!!!

Well, I’ve probably lost most of you now. Away you’ve gone like fair weather fans. All buying my book instead of listening to my ramble.


I’m assuming They’ll put an image here of the book. They might not. Just to get back at me for all the abuse I’ve put them through this year. If it's here, look at it! It’s so shiny and pretty and it wants to be read. Demands to be read. But first you have to buy it.

And when you are finished, you can review it. Review it here? I think They’ll put in a link here. I don’t know. They know far more than I do about this marketing shit.

Anyway, an honest review would be cool. Reviews make the world go round. My world mostly. And I’m really what counts.

On a personal note, thank you all for all the support you’ve given me throughout this adventure. We are nearly done. Only one to go and then I get out of my cage. That said, They recently put in carpet so there’s less of a draft.

The screen is blurring. I think I’m doing well considering how much alcohol I’ve consumed already and it's still early enough in Ireland. In my defense… yes.

Right, I think its time for a crisp sandwich. Maybe sleep for a few weeks more and then consider getting back to work.

I have a question.

I might do a poll on it.

They tell me it's important to have Interactions and such with my fan base.

Do you guys think I should cut my hair? I think I should cut my hair. Its really growing wild at the moment. Its strange because I use loads of product in it to stop the curls. Expensive shit. I spend hours in the shower with these magical formulas and then the sprays afterwards… those fuken sprays. Its all too much. It helps, don’t get me wrong, but I think to myself is it really worth it? When I was a kid all I wanted was Gavin Rossdale’s hair cut. In the music video Swallowed by Bush he looks the fuken boss. They were fuken locks. I think that’s my favourite ever hair style. I wanted those locks. Not this batshit mess I battle every day.

I think its time for another whiskey.

Then some crisps.

And maybe a choc ice.

I hope this post has helped make your day.

Please, take a moment, let me know what you think of my latest masterpiece. Tell the world. Tell your mate down the road.

Tell my mom.

Right, I’m going to play some Xbox and find some food and booze. And try to not panic about your feedback.

Enjoy The Outcasts, enjoy the escape.

Take care,


Aka Zim Zam.


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