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The Seven and March of Magnus updates

I need a new chair. There, that’s my update. My back is sore because I need a new chair. Maybe it's just a new desk I need. A nice wind up and down desk. I don’t know. I’m always swapping desks and chairs. I think I have a problem. Also, my new book is out tomorrow.

It's called The Seven, from the new Dellerin series. Of which there will be (hopefully) several books and novellas to come over the next while. I’ve mentioned this book before and a sneaky few of you have already pre-booked it already. You thought you’d just get away with it without me knowing. Actually, you would have, because they keep me away from business dealings and such. Probably better for all. My suggestion of its launch price differed significantly to their suggested price. They suggested something like 99 cent. Ha, idiots, as if I’d charge such a low price for a brand new book from such a talented….

Apparently, (because this is good business) there WILL be a wonderful shiny launch price (of something like 99 cent) for a very limited time. I know little else; I didn’t catch the details. I found myself suddenly violently ill once I realised how little I’d be making off each copy. If you only knew the tears, the agony, the desk rearranging I’ve thrown into this monster you would likely buy at least seven copies on launch. BUY SEVEN COPIES ON LAUNCH! Or, you know, a solitary copy, if you are that way inclined.

I know I’m not the gentlest of authors but I still wish to add a subtle warning and delicate reminder about The Seven. Though there are swashbuckling adventures to be had, this book wears its darkness more extravagantly than Spark City.

Anyway, swiftly following The Seven’s criminally undercharging release, there are two new novellas set in the same world which need no warning. (Unless you are offended by naked Vector demons, hopelessly inept mercenaries and vomiting. Oh, so much vomiting.)

Also, I will have an amazing announcement about Audio books coming soon which has made me feel all snugly inside.

Aaaaand that’s probably it for updates...


Quit fuken around with everyone?

Right fine, update on March of Magnus?

How do I say this without getting a kick.

I’m not going to have it out this year. I’m sorry. I tried! I don’t want to keep you amazing people waiting any longer than you have already. What can I say, I’m still editing and so far I think it’s a great read. Thing is, it’s a freaking monstrous book and my desk is so very annoying. 

But hey, it is not all doom and gloom. With Dellerin all tidied up (for now) and the book as a product in other people’s far more capable hands, I’m now finding it far easier to rearrange my desk, peruse Ikea websites in search of the ultimate office setup, and come up with imaginable ways to completely ruin Erroh’s day. The shit I’ve already done to him so far this edit is just criminal and there’s so much more to come. You were given but a taste of the Four Factions in Spark City, but March of Magnus will open the door to the entire world. It will be worth the wait.

Anyway, hope you enjoy all seven copies of The Seven in the meantime. 

Take care you legends.


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