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The Spark City map has arrived!

Greetings from my cage

My mom wants you all to know she is fighting the good fight, she’s on my case about getting Spark City's sequel done anytime I visit. Her latest argument “Write it shorter, you fuken idiot,” is an appealing notion. I’ve taken to storming out of her house, slamming the door behind me and kicking her brand new car as I leave. Ha, I jest, we all know she lives in a tent. I evicted her so I could sell the house to fund my drug habit. Obviously that too is a joke. She lives in her old car and now deletes my email update posts.

Anyway, that’s how I treat people on my back, giving me (wholly deserved) shit! Right, March of Magnus progress is excellent. Not quite halfway through, but almost. It’s about finding the right chair and level of caffeine. Apparently it's February but I haven’t seen daylight in weeks now. My Xbox and PS4 lie dormant and unloved in the corner. THERE’S A PUBG MAP I HAVE NOT YET PLAYED. Oh, come a few months and I’ll be able to sleep and game again. Truthfully, there are worse things in the world than sitting here, playing all over the Four Factions, working towards making you all smile. The last few weeks have been amazing. It’s coming.

As though you didn’t know already, the amazing people at Podium Audio are finishing the final touches on Spark City’s audio book voiced by the incredible Euan Morton. I might have lost my shit when I heard some of his previous work. Anyone with Halo and Star wars credits on their already impressive Cv suffers just a little hero worship from me. And yes, he might be an accomplished stage actor, but really, Halo guys, freaking Halo. It releases on the 17th of March (St Patrick's Day) and it's available to prebook on now.

You asked, so we did. Here it is.

Sigi’s map is available to view on my site, here. I didn’t want to do the traditional map, so we’ve done something fun. I hope you folks enjoy. Those with better acumen than me have placed the map on my store, here, where you can buy it as a print and give me money. But, don't do that. Just go into the image and click download, and you get it free #FukTheMan.

You guys need not read the next part. Most of my posts ramble off at the end. I’ve learned that the longer a message, the less engagement. What is it called, TLDNF?

Right, sorry mom, you have a very nice new car. I didn’t kick it. It was a joke. I joke on these posts sometimes. It distracts people from the lies about March of Magnus’s progress. That’s the second book I’m writing. The first one was Spark city, it was rather successful. I told you about this. I know my sisters are very successful as well. I’m glad you are proud of them. While I have your attention, please stop asking about the Rat in the Dellerin Tales.

Right fuk this, I’m going back to work.

Did you hear me?


All the best folks


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